July 3 - 9, 2017 Reading

July 3 - 9, 2017 Reading

4 Pillars of Income Streams Spread
(using the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards)

    Innovative (trailblazing, pioneering)
    Creative (original, inventive)
    Character (upright, strong character)
    Value (providing value)
    Confidence (having confidence)

    The ASK card is usually about asking for the sale, asking for the money, asking for more from yourself and life.

    There are two clarifier cards for this – VISUALIZE & BELIEVE.

    Recognize your uniqueness – your trailblazing pioneering genius. ASK yourself what your strengths are in terms of creativity. Only you are able to do what you do in the way that you do it. Your approach, technique, structure, and delivery is unique to you – like your fingerprint.

    ASK yourself how you can appreciate this and utilize this to advance and thrive. Use a combination of visualization and programming your thoughts for success (believe).

    Enterprising (active)
    Expeditious (fast acting – quick to execute)

    Choose to be consistent with what you are doing and let go of perfection. Commit to consistency, execution, and quick responses (when it's important). Better done than perfect.

    Choose to be FOR yourself, document your work, and know that it's always getting better with time and practice.

    Think of where you were this time last year.

    Automation (structure, organization, delegation)
    Foundation (infrastructure, groundwork)
    Simplification (streamline, sealing the leaks)

    Appreciation begets more of the same. You have made a lot positive changes to your income stream production and monetary intake. Focus on what it is that you have already implemented that is going right. What are the bright spots? Appreciate yourself for the work you have done thus far. Bask in these winnings.

    Exercise: Answer these questions

    What leaks have you sealed in the past 90 days?
    What have you automated that was not as structured before?
    What foundation have you set that has now made your life, career, and finances much more sturdy than it was before?


    Social Capital (networking, value providing, community involvement & improvement)
    Accountability (integrity, responsibility)

    This is an entire restructuring of getting out there and networking to build even more social capital. Provide more value. Change more lives. Get outside of yourself and help others.

    Your income is a direct reflection of how many people you are helping.

    Take a look at what's working (bright spots) and see how you can do more of it? What's not working? Let it go. Don't vacillate - seal those leaks.



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