July 10th through July 16, 2017 Reading

July 10th through July 16, 2017 Reading

July 10 through July 16, 2017 Reading

by China Brooks (using the Prospering with Spirit Oracle Cards)




What is my underlying question about this issue: MENTOR, VISUALIZE

You may be wondering if you need to hire or bring on a MENTOR. If you already have a mentor then you may be thinking that this is an issue for your MENTOR to handle. However, with VISUALIZE as the clarifier card, this situation is meant for you to handle. Be your own MENTOR and use the power of your imagination to VISUALIZE your preferred outcome. Get into the feeling place of already living it here and now. Then go forth and take the action(s) that are aligned with bringing that reality to fruition. You don't need a bunch of help – you are protected and cared for. Trust yourself and create. Be your own guru. Be your own mentor. Connect with your higher self. 

What is working for me (regarding my current strategy): DISCERN

You have been exercising discernment – refusing to settle for less than what you truly prefer. Good for you. Keep this up. Discernment facilitates a higher quality of life.

What is working against me (regarding my current strategy): START

Stop stagnating and START. Better done than perfect. Get moving. Get going.
Exercise: Write down (or type) the problem/project you need solved. Write a list of possible solutions. Choose the best solution(s). Take action on said solutions immediately. START.

What can I do to increase and maintain the momentum: AFFIRM

AFFIRM that this is already done and taken care of. Repeat, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” in your mind. AFFIRM all the reasons why this is going to work out (and why you have seen signs that it already is/has). AFFIRM what has gone well already with this situation.

Do I need to increase my sadhana (and/or prosperity programming) to help this shift: ACT

There is nothing else you need to do with your energetic hygiene (sadhana) practice. What is needed now is for you to take action. Work your plan. Take action on the solutions. As they say with scientific prayer, treat and move your feet. You have done plenty of spiritual practice over this. It's time to ACT.

How can I change this situation for good – permanently: SIMPLIFY

Let go of any person, place, thing that is causing you to have clutter in your life, mind, and energy.

SIMPLIFY. Purge. If it isn't energizing the current expanded version of you and causing you to thrive, then use discernment and SIMPLIFY. This could even be mental clutter (doubt) from naysayers. In that case, SIMPLIFY your intake. The only way you will change this situation for good – permanently – is to be crystal clear on what it is you want and go after that (and only that). Turn your focus of attention to the bright spots in your life. What are your bright spots and how can you experience more of them?

Do I need to hand this over to my guides: VALUE, PERSIST

This is a job for you right now, and it's all about providing VALUE. PERSIST is the clarifier card, which means to keep doing The Work (i.e. Great Work) and offering the best of what you've got. This attracts the support of your guides (and others) who will help you to get what you want. PERSIST in giving VALUE that does your legacy proud.

What is the outcome: BELIEVE, BE CONSISTENT

As long as you BELIEVE and you are CONSISTENT in your belief (i.e. faith) – aligning with success in thought, word, and deed, this is a done deal! Congratulations! 






July 17 Through July 23, 2017

July 17 Through July 23, 2017

Clauneck Introduction Spread

Clauneck Introduction Spread