Picture Readings



What is a Picture Reading?

I can read the energy in your energy field.  I tap into a greater source of information regarding you, your life, what you really want, what’s holding you back, etc…

One client described it this way:  “What it looks like you do is that you are seeing through to some higher consciousness.”

Can you predict my future?

I don’t see numbers and names (not usually).  My readings are not for novelty purposes. I read your energy and I see what is going on at your core; your deepest passion, things that need to be worked on, your strengths, etc.  It really depends on what you need to hear to aid you in your progress forward. Rather than predict your future, I help you design a life that you prefer. In this way, you are predicting your future because you are creating it!

How do I prepare for a reading?

It's easy! Snap a picture of yourself (only you) with your smartphone camera and  email it to me. Make sure I can clearly see your eyes (no hats or sunglasses). 

The reading helped me see I need to make some life changes.  Where do I go from here? 

Even though your reading comes in MP3 audio form and is pretty thourough, you may want more hands-on support. You can book a 6 month or 1 year package of readings. You can also check out my coaching programs Selling with Spirit, Apprenticing with Spirit (1 year program available to qualified graduates of Selling with Spirit), and Pioneering with Spirit (available to qualified graduates of Apprenticing with Spirit).

What if I have questions after my reading?

If you have a question that pertains to the actual reading, I am happy to briefly answer it for you. Otherwise, please book another reading.

How will I receive my reading?

You will receive:

*an MP3 recording of your reading

How long have you been doing this?

Since I was a child. I started doing picture readings when I was in my teens. My Mom would often test my abilities. It was fun and it became a family game. In one test my Mother laid out a bunch of pictures in front of me. She wanted to know if each person was alive or dead, and about what age they died at. I got every single one right. At the urging of family and friends (who insisted on paying me), I began to do readings professionally in 2008.

Why are you qualified to do this?

I received Religious Science Practitioner training (Rscp), under the great Dr. O.C. Smith, Founder and Director of City of Angels Church of Religious Science.  For decades I have been dedicated to a spiritual practice of self discovery and healing, with the sole intention of unlocking the unlimited potential within myself and others. I've worked as a reader for most of the spiritual bookstores in Los Angeles. I don't just give readings, I am also excellent at clearing energy. 

Why do people come to you?

I have always been a person others come to for spiritual life support. I am constantly pushing myself to be better. I encourage others to be the same. For decades I have studied numerous healing modalities and I diligently work to remain positive and follow the higher guidance of my soul. I am a great listener. I listen to people and I compassionately hear them on a very deep level. I'm also bold, courageous, and raw. People feel comfortable discussing deep and intimate things with me that normally they can't talk about. I offer a safe, nurturing space. I have real conversations that matter. I'm also pretty happy and I love to laugh so my energy is pretty fun and soothing.

Do you consider yourself a grounded person?


I do feel I am more grounded than the average person.  Due to my healthy lifestyle and spiritual practice (lots of practice!), I live a happy life, mostly free form burdens such as anxiety or depression.  When I do experience difficulties, I immediately turn to the the tools I have acquired to heal myself.  I feel that my calling in life is to help others by sharing these life-enriching tools.



A few weeks ago, in 2017, I came across a journal in which I'd scrawled notes from a 2010 picture reading by China Brooks. I'd completely forgotten about the reading, and her accuracy shocked me. Three and a half years after the reading, everything in it had come to pass. I had indeed been "hit upside the head" by a man: after years of celebacy I consciously conceived a child with a man who studied martial arts, and in the first two weeks of our connection I attended training and sparring classes with him. I did indeed have his kid, he is powerful, and he hasn't deterred me from being who am I. Looking back on China's picture reading after 7 years, I can say that it was incredibly accurate. - Maya Lila Di Vento



China’s picture readings are, for me, the best readings from her.  The picture seems to give her distance and focus (she actually doesn’t remember most of what is said during the reading, so if you have questions you need to ask them up front, though she did, near the end, ask me if I had further questions; I was admittedly stunned by some of the things she told me and thus couldn’t think of any at that time).  Her answers are precise and full of information of a very helpful (and deeply personal) nature.  I recommend the experience.  (The fact that we have a personal connection might have been, if anything, a hindrance, but in truth, I don’t think it affected the reading in any way). - Julie Brooks