Oracle Card Readings


Readings with these cards do not only give you guidance. They offer you simplicity, clarity, and transformation. You will walk away with tools and exercises -  daily actions, habits, and thoughts that you can implement to truly change. At first, you will have to do the work. And then, after a while, the work begins to work for you. During your reading you will feel heard, valued, and supported. You will know your next steps. You will feel bold and empowered.

I feel that many readings offer guidance without action. Even if you have a profound realization during a reading, if you don’t take action, it doesn’t become integrated. When no immediate, consistent action is taken, the guidance you receive is sort of worthless. It doesn’t have a potent effect on your life. It becomes just a stage instead of a longer lasting state of being. Unless you are doing something different in the moment, you won’t transform. 

That's why these cards offer a blueprint road map for your life. 


These oracle cards, coupled with your own consistent action, will transform your life. These oracle cards are action-oriented, how-to, solution consciousness based.

I have created many decks, however; the main three I use now are:



The Energy Mastery Oracle Cards were China's first deck she created. They contain spiritual tools and exercises to help a person cultivate, harness, and wisely use energy.



Sometimes we have many things we desire to change. It can feel overwhelming when we don't know where to start. The Oracle Cards for Change help you gain clarity on what to change immediately.



The Prosperity Consciousness Oracle Cards center around abundance, wealth, and money.

Each set of oracle cards comes with a companion workbook, both of which are color coded. The workbook contains all the how-to tools and exercises which, are organized by color. 



Divination Tools: In my readings I use the 3 oracle card decks that I have created and my signed copy of the Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. I also (ocassionally) use a set of handmade runes that my Mother made. The divination tool I use the most is my intuition and adept skill at clearly reading energy like a book.

Intuitive Reading FAQ: Is it your first time getting a reading? Read the Intuitive Reading FAQ:

Reading Location: Readings are via Email, Phone, Skype, or in person

Turn Around Time: You will receive a PDF of your reading and the MP3 recording within 72 hours

Policies: There are no refunds. Once your reading is booked, cancellations and rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours before the reading or payment for that session is forfeit.


"By the end of our Skype session, the anxiety that had been stuck in my chest had completely dissolved. Not only did China connect to what was currently happening in my life (she pulled the Relationships card for me twice, ha!), making me feel seen and understood, she also gave me concrete and manageable ACTION STEPS. The day before I’d been stuck in suffering but didn’t know what to do to change what I was thinking and experiencing. My session with China helped to shift me back into alignment, reminding me that I am never alone and to follow my intuitive naggings. China’s wise insights and suggestions were valuable and brought me relief and healing. The tools she’s created in her cards and workbooks ground the spiritual work into this physical reality in a way that I haven’t seen before. If you are looking for someone to guide you on your healing journey and assist you in taking aligned action, she’s the woman for you!" – Maya Lila Di Vento


"I began working with China about 5 years ago. From the beginning, I felt an intuitive connection to her energy and Presence (with a capital “P” - because she brings so much intention and focus to her work). Whether or not you ever have the gift an pleasure of being in her actual Presence, you will feel it by watching her videos or by working with her via online courses. There is a special affinity she has for quickly dialing in to your energy, and helping to guide you inwards, grounding and clearing away energies that are not yours to help you more clearly feel your most authentic self. This does not come without effort on your part. One of my favorite parts about China is how she speaks the language of my soul and my spirit and is in touch with the guides to which I also have access. She gives practical tools that help along every step of the journey, allowing you to be a more powerful source of support for yourself. I love how she taps in to that energy of my highest joy, as well as so clearly identifying where I get off track and how to get back on, how to get out of my own way.  Be prepared for things to begin happening VERY QUICKLY once you commit to working with China. She is a gifted and powerful guide and energy worker who is so relatable, down-to-Earth and yet supremely Divine in her way of Being. I have recommended her services and her resources to many, many people and will continue to do so as she is always right on time with the next level of work I need to manage in my life. From personal and emotional issues, to business and creative projects, China’s skills continue support a journey of healing, empowerment and inspiration that I can always count on.  I am forever grateful." –Magda Loczi (LocziWear and LocziLens)


"China’s reading was excellent.  It was not only accurate, but also gave me surprising insight into the ramifications of my actions which had not even crossed my mind.  She truly has a gift." - A


"Good afternoon, China! I was thinking about you yesterday. I remember a general card reading you did online a couple months ago. Well, I had a question about an upcoming job and you told me that when I get clear about what I really want, the job will come. I just wanted to share that I did get VERY clear and I was just offered an amazing job that encompasses my intentions since I quit my old job in late Oct. Not only do I have one amazing jobs, but two. Just wanted to thank you for the reading you did!" -Andrea Richardson


"I just want to update you... Remember I told you I needed to manifest $10k before November of this year? Well I manifested a job that pays me $6k per month! that gives me the $10k needed sooner rather than later.. I'll also be able to schedule time/budget to take more of your classes! I've been following your prosperity/abundance advice and it fucking works. My life is changing and I'll be able to make moves for my children and improving my current living conditions. Thank you China for putting your work out there and inspiring others to trust Universe. much love and abundance to you!" - Tiffany C.


"I was blown away, and not only did you answer my questions, but on a really core level I somehow responded to the information you gave me. How can I say this. You really improved my outlook. It was all I needed to know. You had no trouble getting me the information I needed. You are not unsettling in the least. And I've never heard you say anything you're iffy about. Either you see it or you don't. And you're not guessing around. I think sometimes these people do have some talent and do see things, but they are also grouping and guessing a bit. And that translates on an energy level to the reader as somehow unsettling. It's sort of like listening to someone pray, and they're saying all the right things, but you can tell that they don't have any deep understanding of who/what they are addressing (at least not at that moment).. they're just following a form. Does that make sense? Your reading was absolutely helpful. I printed it up and have re-read it a number of times and will continue to do so.

What it looks like you do is you're talking to something behind the picture.. it's like you are seeing through to some higher consciousness of me. If I were prepared (with questions I really wanted to ask but didn't think of at the time), I might have gotten even more out of the reading. As I say, there were some things which I should have thought to ask you at the time (I should have made a list) and didn't. But everything I did ask (just what came to mind in the moment), you took your time and looked into the picture and actually gave me a concrete answer. More specifically, you answered things about me, but you were careful to refrain from asking specifics about other people where it didn't really concern me." - Julie Brooks


"Working with China Brooks has been an enlightening experience. She is quick on thought and knows exactly how to get you out of your own way. My favorite thing about working with China is you can absolutely feel the genuineness of her work. Its always a pleasure working with her and I appreciate the way she makes it safe to open and honest about your true life. China Brooks is doing the work she was made for. Thank you!" -Gabrielle Z Mott


"What is it like working with China Brooks? China inspires. From the day I first saw her video on her life changing experience with a yoni egg I was moved. I had to know who she was. I sought her out on Social Media and then quickly befriended her. She was someone who possessed a power and sense of self-worth that most do not hold. I was intrigued so I visited her website and read her blog which sparked my interest in working with her. I wanted to know who this woman was. Thank goodness she offered tele-classes on various subjects in relation to awakening the divine feminine and knowing your power as a woman, as a goddess. Before signing up for any of her tele-classes I asked her questions and sparked conversation with her. My first tele-class with China was on Manifesting Money. That changed and shifted the paradigm of my consciousness towards money. I built an altar to manifest money. Since having worked with her, she teaches through empowerment and truly builds relationships with her clients/students. She is clear, concise, and provides follow-up. After that first class with China, I felt so good about following her guides for Manifesting Money that I decided to take a second tele-class with her, which was the beginning for me to shift how I handle business matters through creating boundaries. I felt the second class gave me tools to assist me in my business and to really think about what I offer to my own clients. Again, China was clear with her presentation, concise with her information, and thorough in answering our questions in the class. I reallyenjoy China’s classes and I will continue to support the work she offers to empower women and men." - Lavender Moon (Tincture Holistics)

Hello China— Your work is so important. I only share it with people that I know are serious about evolving. My evolution has much to do with your powerful videos. My heart's desire is to return that labor of love to ALL those who have helped me get here— by honoring my own purpose (purest posture). –Issa


I need to shout out some mad LOVE for my girl China Brooks who I hired as my coach to work with me on dialing UP my whole energetic program. WOW. I cannot tell you what a difference I feel after working with her. She has a unique and special GIFT to connect directly with you on a level that creates powerful, seismic shifts.

She meets you where you are and provides productive tools, practices and resources that align with your highest wisdom and knowing. She connects you with YOU. DO NOT WAIT TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. Contact her directly if you are looking for MASSIVE transformation on a profound level. Be ready to WORK and see amazing RESULTS.

THANK YOU CHINA <3 <3 <3 Magda Loczi