While it brings China peace to do so - it costs her quite a bit of time, money, and energy to create content that is complementary for you.

Sarah Silverman was once asked why she lives in a modest apartment when she can afford more. She answered, "I create Youtube content and that costs me money. I use my earnings to fund my channel." 

China had business mentors who advised, "Do not take donations. You are not a charity." While China partly agrees with this, she also believes in - and teaches - the concept of 'Money Circuits'. 

It is akin to what author Chellie Campbell calls 'sending out ships'. When a person sends out one ship (usually in the form of their 9 to 5 job) and the ship is lost at sea (laid off or not promoted, etc.) the person has trouble.

When a individual sends out multiple ships - yes some may never return, however; others must come back with gold and treasure. The more ships - Money Circuits - you send out the better. These monetary pathways are also called 'Income Streams'. 

China has received donations for her Great Work ranging anywhere from $2.00 to $10,000. She respects and appreciates money much too much to turn it down from GOOD sources. She is now receiving and enjoying money from expected and unexpected origins.  

Thank you in advance for showing her Work respect, gratitude, and love by donating.