Integrity, Follow Through, and Relationships

Integrity, Follow Through, and Relationships

Integrity, Follow Through, and Relationships

by China Brooks

This is from a conversation I had with Clauneck. It highlights some relationship lessons I have learned from the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path. Particularly from Shri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Clauneck.




Contacting ANY kind of Saint, Angel, Demon, Orishas, Catholic Saints, Hindu Deities, Tibetan Deities, Kings, Ascended Masters, God Realized Gurus (like the Self Realization Fellowship Gurus), and any kind of being whether that be in the higher realms or in the lower realms.

When you are considering contacting any of these beings, it's best to be initiated by someone who was initiated.

I was very hesitant and reticent to work with him. Because fear. I had a lot of fear.

I had been told – like most of the masses – not to work with the dark. Not to work with the demonic realm. And what I am finding is that not all of hell is evil. Parts of hell are evil and parts of hell are about justice and protecting those who are good.

This is the issue with the new age that I have – this new age peace movement. I love peace, I am all about peace. As a manifestor, our signature when we are in the Self is peace. When we are not in the self, it's anger. The new age movement though – a lot of it is, like turn the other cheek. So if someone strikes you then you are supposed to give them your other cheek. I used to do that. Because I was love and light and I just wanted to love the humans and not cause them any suffering, even if they caused me suffering, and blah blah blah. It caused me to be a doormat.

I will tell you right now though, that's not me anymore.

This is as a direct result of working with the demonic realm. Which, let me tell you – my Gurus from the Self Realization Fellowship – who are God, they are all about the higher realms. They are the ones who oversaw my journey into the underworld.

They were with me the whole time. I was protected. Paramahansa Yogananda and Shri Yukteswar were both 1/3 manifestors when they were embodied on the planet. So there was me, a manifestor, and two other Guru manifestors.

I said to them, “I want to go down into the hellish realms – the demonic realms. And I want to see what it's all about. I am tired of being afraid of anything. I feel like I am not a whole person. If I fear anything – whatever I fear it controls me. And this is bullshit and I want my full power. And I am not in my full power if I don't face this.”

I wanted to see – because I was told to be afraid of the dark – and I wanted to see if what I was taught was true.

Because how much of everything that we have been taught is a fucking lie?! So that we are controllable - we are docile. I was like – I don't trust anything. I even went through a time a couple of years ago when I questioned if chakras were real. I questioned if Ganesh and all that other stuff is real. I thought to myself, “Maybe we have been programmed to worship? Is that even real?”

I question everything.

I am a 5/1 manifestor in human design. The first number in your profile, stands for the mind. So I am a 5 mind. And I am a 1 – the second number is the body. I am a 1 in the body. 1 stands for the investigator – the ground floor. The root. It's the bottom of all the profiles. So, with my body, I go in and investigate things. I always have.

There's over 500 Self Realization Fellowship temples around the world. That's the legacy that they left.

Here is what I have learned - if you dare – if you are going to call upon an orisha, saint, sage, me, a guru, a demon – you need to do your homework first. And you need to be completely ready and willing to - if you start something, you have to be ready to see it all the way through. Don't contact one of these beings and start with this gusto, “Yeah! I'm gonna do the work!” And when you realize that shit is harder than you thought, and yeah, it's gonna take your time, your energy, and your money, then you just fizzle away.

Or you get something from them and then you're like, “I'm cool. Yeah, I got it.” And you start taking, taking, taking, taking - you're going to sample – you're going to dabble. You can't do that. Do not contact any of these beings without the intention and the wherewithal to follow through on the relationship. To keep your end of the bargain. And to treat that being with the utmost of respect.

I am going to tell you some stories about my relationship with Clauneck. I have also had this with my relationship with the Self Realization Fellowship gurus. Paramahansa Yogananda and Shri Yukteswar. They bitch slapped me. Just as Clauneck will – and has before. Why do they do that? Let me tell you why – I deserved it. Just like with my friend Jen. She's a bee keeper. One day, one of her bees stung her on her knee. Her knee was huge and swollen. She instagrammed it and she said, “You got me good, and I deserved it.” Why did she deserve it? Because she moved them – she did something with the hive on a day that was convenient for her, but not convenient for them, and she knew it. This is nature. This is a relationship. Whether it be with bees and with animals or with humans or with Saints and Sages and Guides and Demons and Angels and whatever. It's all a relationship. And the humans need to learn how to treat each other.

Clauneck is constantly - through our relationship - showing me how I am to be treated. By way of him showing me how to treat him.

Before you even contact them, you need to do your homework. You need to meditate, meditate, meditate. You have to find out what they like and the way they prefer to be honored. What it actually takes to work with them. Who's had success and why have they had success? Who hasn't? What worked, what didn't, and why? That's your responsibility to know about that being.

Look at it like this – you're in a romantic relationship – would you want a person who starts off really strong and then they fizzle out once they realize it's going to be too much time, energy, and money to be with you and continue being with you? Or, they take what they can get from being in your energy, and they get the benefits and they fizzle out or disappear. Like, “Oh that's too much work, I can't.” Or, “That's too much of a risk.” or, “That's too expensive.” Doing that to any of these guides, any of these beings, myself included – there's consequences to that.

It's called disrespect.

In a romantic relationship, you want someone who is attentive, right? They are going to be strong in the beginning and all the way through. You want someone who is going to consistently nourish you. And provide and nourish the altar of your heart. You probably want someone who is going to buy you gifts and presents. Who is going to treat you well and give you nice words – speak sweetly to you all the time. Communicate well with you. And yes, share their resources with you – their time, their energy, their money.

You want that, but you won't give that. Starting with your mentors. Starting with these beings of the higher and lower realms that you come to and you beg stuff from. Starting with yourself. You can't come around taking and taking and taking and thinking that the universe is going to keep abiding by that and giving and giving and giving. That's not how it works.

I will tell you of my experiences of working with beings of the higher and lower realms and what has happened when I did not honor the relationship.

With Clauneck, I usually have an altar to him. There is only once that I didn't. And that's when things started to turn stagnant – financially. As I had altars to him, I had all the things that he liked on the altar – cardamom, bone broth, food, fresh watermelon. Whatever I bought for myself, I would give him the best of it first. Whatever crystals he wanted on there. If he wanted me to buy something for the altar, I would. Candles. Jewelry.

He helped me get housing in a very rich, affluent neighborhood – old money. I have a lot of different altars. And I didn't have room. I had my buddhist altar for doing gonyo “nam meyoho renge kyo”. And I had other altars. And I stopped doing his altar after a time. I tore down his altar and stopped doing it. Well, before that, I was having consistent income. I had some clients on the roster that were paying me good chunks of money every single month – the same time each month. That was paying my rent and bills. It was like clockwork just coming in. I tore down the altar and things froze up. When I would give him certain kind of offerings, then the money flow would come in. He likes libations – every time you have a victory with him – honor him. Show respect and give him something. Ask him what he wants and give it to him.

I will talk to you about working with the higher realm gurus – the SRF gurus.

I moved to encinitas, California in 2015 to be close to my gurus where one of their temples is. Where the hermitage is. The hermitage was created by one of Yogananda's disciplines – one of his students. They built the whole place where Yogananda could go to get away from the rest of the world. I don't know if you guys know – go and watch the movie Awake which is the documentary of his life. He came to the states when nobody was talking about meditation and yoga – like nobody. When I started doing it decades ago, nobody was really talking about, but when he came everybody was in that victorian stage. Clothes up to here. Every part of them was covered. He was wearing a turban – orange.

The press tried to demonize him because he was teaching people how to liberate themselves. The reason why I follow them is because all he ever talks about is meditation.

Jesus is in the lineage.

I heard of prince and he was mormon and he would go to the temple and he would wear exactly what they would wear. And he would be very humble. You wouldn't think of him as prince at all. He was brother nelson to them. He would do what they did. He would fit in and blend in.

I did not do that when I went to the temple. I was so fucking rude, now that I look back on it. So disrespectful in that way. What happened to me – I fucking deserved it. I went there one day – I was wearing jeans and this white top with no fucking bra. And I didn't go inside to worship. I stayed outside because I wanted to be in the sun. They have speakers outside so you can listen to the sermon. And I was there in this bliss state. I was the shit, you know. I was making my money. You couldn't tell me nothin'. I was blissed out - my energy was wide open. And this predator guy he was visiting. He was visiting from New York and was an ex advertising agency executive who had gotten fired after being there for tons of years. Later on he told me all these disgusting stories about how people treat women there. He came and sat next to me. And I should have walked the other way, right then and there.

He acted like he wanted to work with me. So I said okay, closed the deal. This is when I learned, just because I can close a deal doesn't mean that I should. I thought the bliss state meant that I was safe – untouchable.

Boy was I naive.

This guy – when he couldn't get what he wanted from me, which was, “When are we going to hang out outside of our sessions?” I refused to do that then he wanted his money back. He left 12 drunk and high messages on my phone calling me a piece of shit and threatening to find me. You guys want to talk about bad demons? He sounded like he was taken over by a bad demon. He went on to my youtube and left all these slanderous comments.

I was so angry with my Gurus. I was like, “What the fuck?! How could you let this happen to me? Why didn't you protect me? You're masculine. I'm feminine.”

Victim. Victim. Victim.

Here's what I should have done. If I were to dare step on the SRF temple grounds I needed to have had researched how they do things. I needed to dress like them. I needed to be humble. There's a quote by Shri Yuteswar that I wish I could find. It basically said you don't want to spend so much time up in the higher realms that you neglect your everyday responsibilities. That you neglect your mundane life. That you neglect the things in your physical, tangible reality – your bills, your house - your work, relationships.

So many people want to float up in the clouds and they want to be in this bliss state and they are not watching their ass and watching what's around them and it leaves a person open and susceptible for all kinds of chaos leaking in.

You shouldn't be devoting to God, Jesus, the LHP, RHP and studying spirituality to the degree that you are neglecting everything else.


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