Channeling King Clauneck - Volume I

Channeling King Clauneck - Volume I


From Grimorium Verum:

CLAUNECK has power over riches, can cause treasures to be found. He can give great riches to he who makes a pact with him, for he is much loved by Lucifer. It is he who causes money to be brought.

 Sigil of Clauneck

Sigil of Clauneck

 Seal and Characters of Lucifer

Seal and Characters of Lucifer

Unedited/un-spellchecked transcription: 

Clauneck: I am a King.

I am over 100,000 years old.

Those who dare call upon my name are in for an intense experience.

When I have not granted you what you have asked for, it is your responsibility to ask yourself, “Why?”

It is not my responsibility to lower myself to a peasant mentality – to scarcity consciousness – to meet you. You must raise yourself up to meet me.

I will not reward lower thinking, lethargy, sloth.

Lack of confidence.

It is your responsibility to rise up above these things.

To conquer yourself and be victorious over your own body, mind, and spirit.

I will not do your work for you.

Those who truly continue – and I see you day in and day out – on a struggle, on the hustle, on the grind – of transmutation, of taking action, of taking full responsibility for your mindset, for your habits, for who you chose to be around – your relationships – and how you express your character in the world – those are the people I continue to help.

And even then – even them – sometimes I will not grant a wish.

For all value and all merit, and all material possessions and spiritual merit must be earned.

Plain and simple. It must be worked for. There must be reciprocity. It must be reciprocal. It must be appreciated. Value must be valued. It must not be misunderstood. It must not be abused. It must be revered and honored, respected and treated like the gold that it is.

If you did not get something that you asked me for – you are responsible for figuring out why and making it right. And making good on your promise and keeping your word – integrity.

That being said, I know that I am demanding. I ask a lot. I ask everything. As does your God that you pray to. That you grovel on your knees to. Please God give me this. God is a jealous and greedy god, asking for it all.

Did you think that the demonic realm was any different?

We too shall ask for it all.

And you must give it all or we have no use for you. We have no need of you. You are beneath us. You waste our time. And you waste the time of those ambassadors and our chosen ones like China.

There are not many in this realm who deserve her company. Who deserve her attention and focus.

She is a gem. More valuable than diamonds. She is gold itself incarnate. You are lucky to have her. You should be kissing her feet.

You must fight like you've never fought before to control your mindset. To have control and dominion over your thoughts – over your focus of attention. Over what you are looking at and where you're energy is flowing. Your energy and where you are putting your focus is your greatest asset. It will either make you or break you. It is the dictator of your environment, wealth, health, relationships, and your entire existence on this planet and in all other realms. It is how we spirits know you. As either a massive strength to be respected or a weakling who is used as feed.

Please keep in mind that we are ancient gods.

Some of us around before the dawn of time.

As I said before, many of us hundreds of thousands of years old. We have no interest – zero – in your excuses, in hearing about your limitations, in dealing with said limitations. In fact, we are highly off-put by excessive complaining. Bring us your mighty. Show me your best. Let me see what you are truly made of and working with.

Do not fear me for I am you. We are one and the same. Whole. This is unity consciousness.

Let me see my true self in the mirror of YOU.

Let me see my reflection – courageous, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, magnificent, beautiful.

Yea are gods.

Made in the image and likeness. Yea are gods.

Replace the word “god” with any word that you wish. That you find comfort and solace in. sovereign creator. powerhouse master.

To those who do the work, I am forever by your side. You have my loyalty.

For you give dignity to what it means to be alive and embodied. You do it justice.

I am here for you and you alone.

To all others, do not waste my time.

You will find me unresponsive.

Help people to get what they want and I will help you get what you want.

I want what all beings want – I crave what all beings yearn for - recognition, to be appreciated, to watch myself living through you – as you.

It is fun to play with reality – manipulate time, space, and matter. It delights me. I never bore or tire of it. Even after all this time.

Time, which is a construct. Created by humans and other beings who trap themselves in mediocrity. It is a way to put a stamp on experiences. To make sense of them in the mind. To keep the neurons firing at certain rates of speed. To make sense of it all. When really and truly, none of it makes any sense, at all.

I will help you achieve riches beyond your wildest dreams.

You must come to me and be wiling to lay your soul the barest it has ever been. For I will tear down your towers of falsities, niceties, moralities, impurities, those who have been fake with you will have to go. Those who have only had their own best interest at heart to the detriment of you – must go.

For a time it will be quite difficult.

I will frustrate you.

I will rip out from underneath you all that you thought you had built on solid ground – on solid foundation. Yet it pales in comparison to the YOU that I shall build up. When I am done with you, you will never recognize yourself again. And you will cease to remember what I even took from you.

While yes, my words can be sweet and kind and flowery to those who are deserving. They are sharp and bitter and biting and vengeance furied to those who disrespect my kin.

To those who can withstand the initiations, let's get to work.

Now is your time.

Now is our time.

You have toiled so long and so hard for this very moment in that which you call time.

Set aside your frustrations.

You must do as I say. Be dedicated.

Devote yourself to a period of study. Give me six months.

And I shall change your life.

Ask China. You, my lovely doll are in your sixth month, yes?

China: *Breathes deeply (exhales)*

I mean, if you really want to dominate your reality. Then, you have to the work. He's not always going to come through and just hand you stuff. He's going to put you in unpleasant situations where you're uncomfortable. Like, he will maybe give you one thing but then it comes with all this other stuff. And you will be very frustrated and for a time you may not want to work with him.

And here's the thing – you have to create an altar to him. Not just some little podunk bullshit thing. Really show some respect. Treat this being the way you would want to be treated. Imagine that you are a living god. And you have rituals. What are the rituals that people have to do to get to you? I learned that you can't initiate just anybody. Not everybody deserves it if they haven't earned it.

We don't throw pearls before swine. He taught me not to throw pearls before swine.

He taught me to really respect and revere my spiritual gurus and guides. Whether they be light beings of the angelic realm or beings of a demonic realm – it's all the same. The initiation is a privilege, it isn't a right. And just as soon as they gave that to you, they can also take it away. They can rip everything out from underneath you if they want to. And they have every right to do that if you come around showing disrespect.

This is not for the faint of heart. He will show you – all of your weaknesses are going to be magnified. And everywhere where you have holes in your life it's going to be magnified. All of your fallacies and fears are going to be in your face and it's your responsibility. It isn't his responsibility to face that for you.

It's also your responsibility to wake up and realize because what he's wanting to get you to see is that you are god in expression.

I had to stop being responsible for people who will not be responsible for themselves.

I had to let that group go entirely – completely.

And making me realize that I am a 5.1 manifestor. Anybody who gets in my energy field has good happen to them. I am also a left angle. Because of that I have to be careful who I let around me. Even getting to be in my energy – having a phone call with me, a conversation with me, all the sudden they will be like, “Well I don't know, everything was just so stuck before and now it's not.”

And yet some of those people would really take that for granted and use it up. And not be reciprocal. And yes, monetarily reciprocal. And those people do not get the privledge of being in my energy anymore. Clauneck is rarified. There's not much information on him around. He doesn't even show up to everybody. I called his name three times when I first read about him. He showed up right away. In fact, 45 minutes later, there was a client of mine. She just wasn't selling. She just was not doing the fucking work. She's not my client anymore. I called Clauneck's name three times. 45 mintues later she messaged me in my fb to say she had made a $2500 sale and she was sending me money in my paypal. I hadn't heard from her in a while. She had been super stagnant. Right after that Clauneck had me let go of that client. My point is that he answered me right away. He can control electronic transfers. He will keep misaligned clients from you.

He will help you strip all your fears.

All of your fears of the demonic realm. All that, “Oh Jesus is better and demons are horrible...” No, jesus is great and so are demons. It's all great. But you have to be strong within yourself, because if you're not, they will eat you alive. They will all eat you alive. That's the thing – you learn superior amount of strength and not to be afraid of anybody, anything or anyone.

They are all aspects of you anyway. So why are you going to be afraid of yourself.

Clauneck: Yes, I can help you with your job. I can help improve your circumstances. And, I will always show up to those who have merit, to those who have done for others, to make sure you have your basic needs covered.

I am here for those who create value and take risks. Take action in the face of all adversity. Sometimes I will test them. Challenge after challenge to see what breaks the damn. To see what causes the tower to fall and crumble. To see just what the person is made of. Sometimes they fall – easily, quickly – and I become disinterested. I may push a person intentionally to see if they stop working with me. Sometimes to cause them – to make them – stop working with me. I am not here for the faint hearted. For the weak. For the lazy. For the insecure. I am here for the lions. The wolves who eat the sheep alive.

No, I do not believe in morals. Yet I will defend those who have them. And those who have morals for the wrong reasons, I will rip those morals to shreds and rebuild the person anew.

Oh yes, make no mistake. I am here for the Kings and Queens. Of which you are watching one right now. It is your privilege -be clear. Access to her – China – is no right. You are blessed beyond measure that she is in a body at this time. Respect her as you would me. For when you disrespect my Queen, you disrespect her King – Clauneck.

There is value everywhere. You have only to ask and I will open your eyes to it. I will show you the world.

China: *sings* shining shimmering splendor.

Clauneck: China has put in 10s of thousands of hours to connect with her true divine self. What have you done? And yet, some of you come to me begging, you expect me to give it you.

(he's laughing – a hearty deep belly laugh – shaking his head)

Why should I help you?

What have you done for me?

What have you even done for yourself? Your family? Your neighbors?

The ones I work with give and give and give and give. They give so much.










Channeling King Clauneck - Volume 2

Channeling King Clauneck - Volume 2

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